What is a Juggalo?

What is a Juggalo?

In the beginning, a Juggalo was a fan of a horrorcore rap duo called Insane Clown Posse (AKA ICP).

ICP is known for some in your face lyrics about murder, death, suicide, and plenty of other topics mainstream music will never touch.

Many people do not know or understand about ICP because they are unique with their song lyrics.

Standing behind ICP is a community that formed around them known as the Juggalo Family.
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You may ask yourself, 'What is a Juggalo?'

A Juggalo is more than just a fan of ICP; they are people who have dealt with being an outcast for a portion, if not all, of their life. ICP dubbed "The Most Hated Band in the World" are outcasts of the music industry, which drew these outcasts' attention we now call Juggalos.

Many people tend to see people like Juggalos negatively because of judgemental ideals they have learned over the years.

Juggalos may be rough and in your face, but they are the most caring, loving people I have ever met.

Juggalos have a unique way of seeing life.

If you listen to or read the song lyrics of almost any ICP song at face value, you would probably think they are murderers.

One of my favorite songs from ICP is "If I was a serial killer," and that song and the power behind it changed my life.

The song" If I was a serial killer" talks about a hypothetical situation about what ICP would do and how they would act if they were serial killers.

That is the face value of it.

It is my favorite song because of the subliminal messages in the music.

From my perspective, that song is talking about accepting yourself for whom you are and loving what you do—having passion and acceptance. 
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When I heard that song for the first time, I got chills throughout my whole body because it hit me so deep in my soul.

I was at a point in my life where I felt like I had nothing and no one. That song helped me start down the path of being able to love myself.

ICP and Juggalos run around with face paint on, looking like demented clowns.

People judge ICP and Juggalos because how can you take a clown seriously? That is the point.

It is a statement that ICP and Juggalos live by; stop judging people and things that you are ignorant about in your life.

These clowns (some exceptions apply) are motivated to change the world to be a better, happier place.

They inspire others to love themselves by loving them first.

In recent years ICP has leaned more into showing how they want to impact the world positively.

2017 was an iconic year for Juggalos; they marched on Washington.
It was called the Juggalo March.

The Juggalo March took place because police and the FBI judge Juggalos. In the eyes of the FBI, Juggalos are a gang.

They even made up a new style of gang for the Juggalos.

Sure, Juggalos have some bad seeds that need some help, but when is it right to punish a whole group for some bad seeds?

It never is right to do that, and yet they keep on doing it. 
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The Juggalo March went down in history as one of the most peaceful protests in Washington D.C., and that is because Juggalos have respect and integrity.

Over the years, I have fought personal battles of addiction, mental illness, low self-esteem, low self-image, and lack of confidence, to name a few.

Every time I start working on my personal growth, I can go to my fellow Juggalo for help and guidance.

Coming from a background of being bounced around and never feeling accepted anywhere in life, when I walked into the Gathering of the Juggalos, I felt like I was finally home.

The Gathering of the Juggalos is a music festival put on by ICP. It's 4-5 days of partying, happy, loving, family bliss.

My first Gathering was in 2017; I was so scared of what was going to happen.

I was a sober Juggalo who had the gall to advertise and run Juggalos In Recovery meetings at my first Gathering.
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I thought I would be laughed at and pushed aside like I usually would have been in the outside world.

That was completely false. I had expectations of Juggalos to treat me like how people from my past treated me.

Juggalos helped me understand what acceptance and love mean.

I was never put down or made fun of for what I was doing because Juggalos knew that our family needed the help I was willing to provide.

What blew my mind during this Gathering was how people reacted to me, telling them I was a recovering addict.

Some people offer me substances and liquor, and my response was always No, thank you. I'm a recovering addict.

Then these Juggalos who offered me things apologized to me like they were supposed to know my story and then gave me props for sticking to my guns and not giving in to my surroundings.

It motivated me to work harder at making Juggalos In Recovery a more significant movement in life.
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So over the next few years, I pushed and pushed, and finally, today, I am sitting here explaining to you that a Juggalo is just a person that wants to live a happy life without judgment.

A Juggalo is a person who wants to have a positive impact on the world before they leave it.

A Juggalo never gives up and refuses to let others dictate who and how they are supposed to be.

A Juggalo can be many things, and it can be nothing at the same time. It all depends on the person.

We, Juggalos, are the enigma of the world.

The scary clown-faced people wearing mostly black and red being judged by the bigots and the haters because we do not conform to their ideal society are one of the most loving, caring groups of people you will ever meet.

So remember, before you start judging someone by how they look or how they act, remember that you do not know their story.

The majority of us are usually dealing with many things that are tearing us apart from the inside.

It is finally time for us to stand up and start empowering ourselves to be happier. It is time for us to learn how to get over the trauma of our past and let it go so we can learn from it and move on.

If you ever need a friend, just call on a Juggalo, and we will help you.
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Much love to you all 
Whoop Whoop
-Sober Frank The Juggalo
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Im a CM with La Frontera. I just heard of the Juggalos this morning and read this article. This is inspiring to others who are dealing with a mental illness and a substance use disorder or with their own “bad clowns”. Anyone can be happy if they want it and face their problems. I respect the march the Juggalos had in Washington D.C. and that it was a peaceful march is even better. Keep on going on Juggalos. Much kudos for your cause!


Gotj17 was my first gathering. I have talked to you at 2 gatherings. Thank you Family for the Love.

John Mckinney

I read this and started to cry a bit.
It’s true. Don’t judge people by what you observe at first glance. The beauty of someone is typically in their inner world, not the outer world. I saw your ad on Facebook and I think it’s wicked awesome you’re doing this. I’m going to explore your site a bit more, but I just wanted to say this article sparked something I had forgotten awhile. Much wicked clown love, and good on your organization

Xase Rook

Well said my NiNJa! Well said. MmFWCL4L 🤡

Phil Kulton

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