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The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2022

The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2022
The Gathering has always been the most anticipated week in the community.
For us, in recovery, it is probably the most feared because there are triggers everywhere you turn—drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, and so much more.
So how do you get through the Gathering knowing you are an addict?
You find the sober and clean J.I.R. community at the Gathering.
Our community | Peacebuilding Institute Rwanda
Not just for those who need the support but also for those who support the ones who are addicts.
In recovery, some of us forget that we are hard to handle.
Our brain does not work like the normies brain.
So they should be able to come together as well as us and make friends and create a new family to help bring us all together.
J.I.R. is building a community for all of us.
Not just Juggalos or normies or addicts.
We are building a society where we all can help each other.
We started with Juggalos because of the community that they have created.
It is time to push even further and let the message that WHOEVER NEEDS HELP CAN COME.
Most of us know that our addiction stems from hiding, running, and escaping the things we couldn't understand and the things we feared.
That is in the past; let's build ourselves up together.
We will stop calling ourselves addicts and start calling ourselves humans who had a problem and are working on fixing it.
Yes, our brains might work differently but so what?
It doesn't matter because the world is full of unique, beautiful people.
There is no way that in almost 8 billion people on this earth, there is no one who cannot understand you.
It does not matter who you are.
If you want to help the community, volunteer, dontate, and bring other people into this beautiful outlook on life.

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